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Open Shelving in Kitchen - Floating Shelves

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I personally love the open shelves in my kitchen versus having the upper cabinets. We took down our upper cabinets, which made me declutter and keep my plates, bowls and cups simple. We use these items all the time, so it's easy to clean and restock the shelves.

Here is a look at the process and materials we used to create this look:

Because we were putting a lot of weight on these shelves, we went with these heavy duty brackets from Etsy Silicate Studio-

Once the brackets were up, we tiled the wall using a herringbone marble pattern.

For the wood shelf, we used pine, we used this pine from Lowes and stain it the color of your choice. The thickness of the front of the shelf is 1.5 inches and from front to back the length is 11 inches.

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1 Comment

Estibaly Hinojosa
Estibaly Hinojosa
Apr 14, 2021

What stain color did you use!!! It’s beautiful

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